All clients will be required to pay a 50% deposit for any and all services when scheduling through my online booking platform. This deposit will be refunded in full if the client cancels the appointment more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

All clients are required to fill out and sign three online forms that will stay on their account permanently after booking.

New clients will be prompted to fill them out before finalizing their first appointment through my online booking platform, Vagaro.


If you are a new or existing client who is having trouble accessing and filling out the forms through the app or website, you can find them by clicking the links here:



If you are an existing client, please make sure you are logged into your Vagaro account before submitting your forms.


All booking, rescheduling and canceling should be done online. I do not accept text, email or DM cancellations, and clients who do not cancel their appointments correctly may be faced with a no-show charge the day of their appointment. Please be mindful of other clients and try to cancel an unwanted appointment in a timely manner so that someone else can take your spot!


For your convenience, you may make an appointment by using the widget below or visit my online booking site directly at: