This is important information for clients in order to familiarize them with my policies and procedures at the studio.

Please read through these frequently asked questions so you feel confidently informed when coming to your appointment.





Mask Requirements (updated 11/2/2022)
To help prevent the spread of communicable diseases, especially respiratory diseases like influenza and coronavirus, N95, KN95, or KF94 masks are required to be worn within the salon and while receiving services (regardless of vaccination status). If a client arrives with another type of mask, an individually wrapped KN95 mask will be provided for them at the price of $1.50 *(temporarily $2.00 due to inflation).

Brand Culture

Conveniently tailored to be as self-service as possible for 24/7 access to an online salon assistant and dot com with an online store, Brows By Jane is a unique brow experience with a limited clientele. What can you expect? A fun, colorful atmosphere with one-on-one privacy, consistent and precise work, up-to-date beauty trends, products, and services. My customer service style is authentic, direct, and confident. 
My salon will not be a good fit for clients who find online booking or self-navigating information online challenging. Due to my schedule and lifestyle, I am often not available outside of salon hours. All the information one could need about the services I provide or details about the salon is within my dot com, social media accounts, and online booking platform. For the most immediate answer to your questions, clients should consult these resources.

Appointment Management

I expect all clients to manage their appointments directly through my online booking platform. There, appointments can be booked, cancelled, and/or rescheduled at any time. I do not accept text, email or DM cancellations unless the online platform instructs you to contact me directly. Clients may cancel any/all appointments up until 48 hours before their scheduled appointment time through the online booking platform and without any penalty.


Late Arrivals
Clients who arrive late to their appointment will not be seen and will be charged in full. At this time, I currently allow a 5-minute grace period for reservations that are up to 30 minutes, and a 10-minute grace period for reservations that are 60 minutes or longer. What does this mean? When coming in for a 30-minute appointment, clients need to be seated and their service started no more than 5 minutes past their scheduled appointment time. When coming in for a 55+-minute appointment, clients need to be seated and their service started no more than 10 minutes past their scheduled appointment time. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this policy - it has been put in place to respect my time and the time of the other clients scheduled that day. It's always a great idea to give yourself some extra time when traveling to account for traffic, construction, and finding parking. 

I am best reached by email (info@browsbyjane.com). The phone number listed for you to reach me is not my personal number, it is a business line and though it is a cell phone, please be mindful that I treat it as a landline. Voicemails and text messages are checked during business hours. If communication is time-sensitive, I will reach out to you from this line outside of business hours via text message. Please do not send me a DM (Direct Message) on any type of social media. I do not consider this an official form of communication between myself and clients - and messages are often missed this way. Thank you for your cooperation!

I ask that all activate the newsletter feature through Vagaro (listed as "Emails From Businesses I Visit" and "Emails from Vagaro" under My Profile). This is how I communicate policy changes and other important information.


Children and Guests

Brows By Jane is for adults only, which means children are not allowed inside my salon suite and individuals under 18 may not receive services in my salon. For liability purposes, clients who are accompanied by children will be denied service and charged fully for their appointment. Additionally, Sola Salons does not allow unsupervised children to be left in hallways or other common areas, so please be mindful of making childcare arrangements before your scheduled appointment.



Any and all disrespectful communication towards myself, and/or derogatory dialogue or attitudes about the black community, people of color, immigrants, the disabled or mentally ill, the queer community, transgender individuals, body positivity (body shaming), other marginalized groups, or general hate-speech of any kind will not be tolerated in my salon, on my social media or in correspondence with me, and will result in immediate and permanent dismissal from my clientele.


Cancellation Due to Illness (updated 11/2/2022)

As a licensed professional, it is part of my job to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Should I become sick, all appointments will be rescheduled until I am no longer contagious or am well enough to come back to work. For the safety of myself, and other clients, I ask that clients who are ill cancel their appointments and stay home. Please be mindful that cancellation policies still apply.

Clients who have been exposed to any strain of the Covid-19 virus should wait 14 days before coming into my salon suite, regardless of CDC or government guidelines. Clients who have contracted any strain of Covid-19 must test negative after being sick/testing positive before entering my salon suite regardless of lack of symptoms or duration of time since first infected. Thank you for your honesty and for helping to keep myself and my family healthy.



For liability purposes, clients cannot be serviced if under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I expect that clients do not come to their appointment smelling of alcohol or cannabis. 


Inclement Weather

All appointments will be canceled if road conditions are unsafe due to storms (snow, rain, hurricane, etc.) 



Per the Massachusetts Board of Health, and division of Board of Cosmetology, pets are not allowed inside the Sola Salons building or my salon suite. Service dogs (with proper documentation) are allowed to assist the disabled due to federal and state law.


Wait List

My online booking platform offers a wait-list feature. Please feel free to use it as I do not keep track of desired appointments manually. Once added to the list, the online booking platform will contact you directly should something become available within your specifications. 





Over Booking

Appointment requests within less than 4 weeks from each other will not be approved. It is not healthy for the hair follicle or skin to be waxed more frequently than every 4+ weeks. If you have excess appointments scheduled within my book they will be readjusted.

Credit Card Information

All clients who book an appointment at Brows By Jane are required to provide a valid credit or debit card to be kept on file with my online booking platform. I, myself, do not have access to this information and cannot see the data that has been entered into the booking platform other than the last four digits of the card number, which I often use to confirm payment methods with clients. Credit card information can be changed/updated at the time of booking a new appointment online. By booking an appointment, and by signing this document, all clients must acknowledge and agree to the possibility of being charged a fee that pertains to their particular policy violation.


Declined Credit/Debit Cards

In the event that a client’s credit/debit card is declined when charged for a late-cancellation/late-arrival/no-show fee, they will be invoiced directly from my online booking platform. Failure to pay the invoice within the set amount of time instructed will result in immediate and permanent termination from my clientele. 



A 50% deposit is required for all appointments. This deposit will be refunded automatically through my online booking platform when a client cancels more than 48 hours in advance.

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the personal nature of cosmetics, returns and exchanges are not accepted with the exception of damages. Defective or damaged packaging and/or formulas may be exchanged for a replacement or product of equal value within 30 days of the original purchase date.


Late Cancellation

If cancelling an appointment online 48 hours or less in advance, clients will be prompted to contact me directly. If this occurs, please contact me [e-mail or text only] with your full name and appointment date/time, and a message letting me know you need to cancel. There is a late-cancellation fee of 100% of the service price for appointments cancelled 48 hours or less in advance. 


Late Arrivals

Out of respect and courtesy, I ask that all clients arrive on time to their scheduled appointment. In the event that a client arrives too late to be serviced, they will be charged in full and their appointment will be cancelled to avoid running over into another client's booked time. I appreciate all of your cooperation and respect regarding this.



Clients who fail to arrive to an appointment without cancelling ahead of time will be charged in full for their missed appointment and terminated from my clientele indefinitely. 


Informed Consent

All clients are required to fill out and sign consent forms relevant to the service(s) they are receiving. The information provided in these documents is important for each client to maintain healthy skin and brow health while in my care as their service provider. By signing these documents, the client acknowledges that they understand the risks involved with waxing and chemical services performed in my salon.

Clients are responsible for informing me about new skin care products or medication after filling out their initial consent form(s). Certain skin care products and medications can thin the skin leaving it too fragile to wax. In this case, tweezing is another option for removing hair. Failure to report new product, and/or existing medication usage may result in damage to the skin, open tears or mild burns.


Liability Insurance

Brows By Jane is covered by liability insurance that protects both myself and the client should an injury take place within the salon. 



F // A // Q

I can't find any openings online or any that work with my schedule! The online booking system I use offers a wait-list option. You can add yourself to the wait-list by visiting Vagaro.com/browsbyjane and selecting the "Add to Waitlist" button under the "Book Now" tab. You can then select your desired dates and time-frames. If something becomes available, you will be notified and can book the appointment within seconds!

Do you accept walk-ins? I do not. All services are performed by appointment only.


Do you travel to clients' homes or businesses to perform services? I do not. My liability insurance only covers the client and myself if I perform services at my studio location. Thanks for asking, though!

I want to pay cash for my appointment instead of with the card Vagaro has on file. Not a problem. Please bring the exact amount owed (plus gratuity if you would like) as change is not available within my salon suite.

I’m in the building but can’t find you! Can I call you for directions to your suite? I am often not available to answer my phone during studio hours because I am with clients back-to-back. If a client is in my chair, I do not answer phone calls, texts or social media messages. You can find step-by-step directions to my salon within the text message sent to you the day before your appointment.


What is the best way to get in touch with you?  I can get back to you within business hours through text message or e-mail. Messaging me on social media is not a good option, being that sometimes the apps are faulty and do not notify me if I get a direct message. As I stated previously, I do not check my phone while working with clients, so I am often not using social media during work hours and will not see your message quickly.

Do you offer Henna (mendhi) brow staining or Threading? I do not. A license is not required to perform either of those services and my goal is to provide the most professional brow experience possible for each client. If you have received a henna brow treatment at another salon, you must wait 16 weeks (4 months) before your brows can be tinted by me. Failure to do so will cause an adverse reaction.

How is a Brow Shaping different than a brow wax or clean-up?

Usually, a brow wax or clean-up involves removing excess hair surrounding an already existing brow shape. A Brow Shaping is more in-depth and design-oriented. Design is a major factor when shaping - I use a technique called Brow Mapping to aid in the process. I ask all new clients to not touch their brows for 4 weeks before booking their first appointment with me.

What is Brow Mapping?

This is a method used by many of my favorite brow artists (Anastasia Soares refers to it as the Golden Ratio) and training companies. I will go in-depth during the consultation, but to put it simply: I find where the brow should start, arch and end by measuring specific points on the client's face. After finding these points, I use them to draw an outline over and around the existing brow, using it as a guide to determine what hair I will remove and what hair will be left behind. Clients who are looking to grow out their brows into a new shape will go through the same process, known as Brow Rehab.


What is Brow Rehab?

Overtweezed, overwaxed or threaded? Brows too thin, two different shapes or full of holes? Let's get you into Rehab!

Rehab clients are Brow Mapped at each appointment for consistency and receive a full Brow Shaping service at each appointment. I ask all of my Brow Rehab clients to leave their brows alone completely in order for me to work more effectively.

Brow Rehab can take 1-3 years to complete, depending on the severity and method of the client's follicle damage. It is usually a slow but steady process. 


What is follicle damage and what causes it?

The hair follicle is a small organ located in the dermal layer of the skin. It is responsible for creating and nourishing hair cells all over the body. When a follicle dies, it will no longer produce hormones or peptides needed to produce hair cells, resulting in permanent hair loss at that site. Some clients may experience permanent hair loss due to health conditions, medication, drug use, infection, side effects from medication as well as mechanical friction, such as tweezing, threading or excess rubbing or pulling.


Can a damaged follicle be repaired?

Potentially, depending on the severity of the damage. After much research, I have found topical ingredients that are beneficial to aiding in healing hair follicles. My signature conditioning brow treatment is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. It contains powerful anti-inflammatories such as horsetail (plant) extract and CBD oil which allow nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft and root. The result is faster growing, stronger, shinier, healthier brows.


I tend to break out after waxing. What causes this and what can I do to prevent it? This is very common! Dirt, oil, and free radicals (pollution from the air or cigarette smoke) get trapped behind the hair follicle underneath the skin. When the hair is removed with warm wax, the follicle is left open and impurities like dirt and oil come to the surface, causing a small white head. This is in fact not a pimple, it is a small infection in the follicle. This happens mostly to clients with oily skin or those who work out a lot. To help prevent these little bumps, treat the waxed area with antiseptic cream, a benzoyl peroxide cream, or wash for the first few days after your service and only use extremely clean brushes or sponges to apply makeup.

I lost skin during my Brow Shaping. Why did this happen and what can I do to help my skin heal?

This is called skin "lifting" and usually happens when a client is using skin products containing retinoids/retinol, steroids, antibiotics that thin the skin, or is experiencing seasonal dryness of the facial/orbital tissue. Skin lifting is very superficial and usually heals in under a week. Keep the area very clean with soap and warm water, avoid using makeup on the affected area, and cover with Vaseline or Aquaphor to prevent bacteria from entering the wound. Discontinue skincare with active ingredients and be sure to keep your skin hydrated before your next wax appointment.