Brow Shaping with Brow Map using soft wax.
Feel free to use the following photos and scenarios as a guide to booking the correct service for yourself.
Though not necessary, I do recommend that new clients book a 60-minute Brow Shaping appointment for their first visit in order to ensure enough time for a  proper and thorough consultation, especially those that feel they might need extra attention to detail. 
PROBLEM: You are a first time client who has had a few bad waxing experiences in the past with hair removal or brow shaping. You are a bit nervous, and would like extra time with me to discuss concerns, fears, desires, and a plan for your new brows thoroughly and in great detail. You are looking for a lot of guidance. 
SOLUTION: Brow Shaping (60-Minute) $60
PROBLEM: You have multicolored brows that range from extreme blonde to dark brown, creating the illusion of baldness, thin areas or patchiness. I refer to this aesthetic condition as "Calico Brow", which is caused by genetics. New hair growth is often lighter in color in comparison to established brow hair, so Brow Rehab clients are especially prone to this. 
SOLUTION: Brow Tint $55 or Brow Shaping & Tint $80
PROBLEM: For various reasons (over-tweezing, threading gone wrong, a bad wax experience), your brow shape is too thin, uneven, asymmetrical, or just plain wacky. You've tried growing them out unsuccessfully on your own but don't know how to go forward or your frustrated, helpless and not sure where to start! You need a professional to guide you in the right direction and check you into Brow Rehab. Lucky for you, that person is me!
SOLUTION: Brow Shaping (30 or 60-Minute) $30-60
<better> Brows By Jane Brow & Lash Rejuvenator $34
PROBLEM: You are a first time or existing client with very full, dense, bushy, course, or out-of-control eyebrows. Working with this much hair requires more time to achieve the same results as a client with thinner brows and I prefer to move at a slower pace with brows like these in order to be able to work more meticulously. Clients with thick, bushy, brows can be seen in a 30-Minute session but might be asked to come back for me to finish at another date, depending on how out-grown the brow area is.
SOLUTION: Brow Shaping (60-Minute) $60
PROBLEM: You have spent years tweezing at home daily or close to it, have gone threading every two weeks for several years or for whatever reason,have thin or asymmetrical brows that DO NOT produce new hair at all (okay, maybe one or two if you're lucky). Unfortunately, it sounds like you may be suffering from something known as "traction alopecia" (look it up!) and are not a candidate for the services I provide. 
SOLUTION: Microblading $500-999
Please contact me for a list of qualified professionals who can assist you.
PROBLEM: You are a guy who is new to grooming or have had too much hair removed in the past and are looking to rehab your brows into a more "masculine" size or shape.
SOLUTION: Brow Shaping (30-Minute) $30