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(updated 1/2023)

Masks Are Required For All

Due to close proximity while services are performed, masks are required to protect each other from contracting respiratory diseases and other contagious illnesses. Please adhere to the following guidelines when choosing a face covering to wear to your appointment.

For more information about protocols within my workspace, and policies regarding late arrivals, cancellations, and no-shows, check out the FAQ page.

In order to receive treatment within my salon, you must be wearing the following type of mask:

  • N95

  • KN95

  • KF94


If you arrive with a different type of mask or without a mask, a KN95 or KF94 mask will be provided to you for $1.50 ($2.00 during times of inflation). This mask is yours to take when you leave your appointment. Please make sure that your mask covers both your mouth and nose with a snug fit, and it does not slip down when you speak.


  • If it's your first visit, check out the link that will be texted to you the day before your scheduled appointment. It contains step-by-step photos to help you find my salon suite as well as the correct address for your GPS.

  • Be mindful of delays due to traffic, construction, or shopping congestion when planning your travel to the salon.

  • Plan to come to your appointment alone. Children and guests are not permitted within my salon suite due to limited space.


  • Public restrooms are available in the back right corner of the Sola Salons building. Please use the restroom before your scheduled appointment time to avoid being marked as a late-arrival.

  • No need to arrive early - I'll be ready for you at your scheduled time!

  • Please use the seating provided in the hallway. I will invite you inside the suite when I am ready to begin your service.

  • Clients who arrive with signs of illness (cough, sneeze, runny nose, visibly ill) will not be permitted into the suite and will be turned away for service. *Please refer to Communicable Disease contract signed at initial appointment booking



  • Please keep your mask on at all times while inside the suite.​​

  • You are responsible for the time in my schedule that you have reserved. Deciding not to go forward with a service at the last moment or while in the salon suite will not change the total price at checkout. 

  • Checkout & Payment Methods: Clients may use credit/debit cards or cash to pay for their services. If using cash, please be aware that change is not available. Venmo is no longer in use.

  • If you would like, I can prebook your next appointment(s) for you while in the salon together.

Thanks to clients who have visited the salon since reopening, Brows By Jane has been 5-star rated "Covid-19 Ready" ​through my online booking platform, Vagaro. I am so grateful for this feedback as I am always striving to provide a safe and comfortable environment. I look forward to seeing you at Brows By Jane soon!

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