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(updated 9/2023)


  • Check out this link for step-by-step visual directions. It has the correct address for your GPS and will help you find my salon suite inside Sola Salons.

  • Be mindful of delays due to traffic, construction, or shopping congestion when planning your travel to the salon.

  • Plan to come to your appointment alone. Children and guests are not permitted within my salon suite due to limited space.

  • To protect the vintage memorabilia in the salon suite, only clear liquids are allowed. Please do not bring any other drinks or food.


  • No need to arrive early - I'll be ready for you at your scheduled time!

  • Public restrooms are available in the back right corner of the Sola Salons building. Please use the restroom before your scheduled appointment time to avoid being marked as a late arrival.

  • Have a seat using the bench provided in the hallway. I will invite you inside the suite when I am ready to begin your service.

  • I ask that you silence your cell phone and smartwatches. Digital devices are distracting to both clients and myself while working.

  • Clients who arrive with signs of illness (cough, sneeze, runny nose, visibly ill) will not be permitted into the suite and will be turned away for service. 



  • I am on the Autism/ADHD spectrum (many of my clients are, too!) and you may notice how I communicate reflects that. I tend to put a lot of emphasis on small details in conversation and ask a lot of questions. ​​​

  • You are responsible for the time in my schedule that you have reserved. Deciding not to go forward with a service at the last moment or while in the salon suite will not change the total price at checkout. 

  • Salon Amenities: Please enjoy a heated salon chair with targeted vibrating massage, a wireless charging station for your cellphone, digital watch, and/or earbuds, a cold beverage (spring water, seltzer), assorted candies and mints, and Hempz body products.

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