If you are new to this look, please do not touch your brows for a minimum of 6 weeks before coming to your appointment.

To create this retro look, soft wax is used to remove hair from between and above the brows, and along the temples while the underneath is left untouched. Lines are not crisp, instead are left to look natural and untouched. The goal of this shaping is not to achieve too much structure or definition, just softness. 


To create a wispy-effect along the brow bone, every other hair above the eyelid is tweezed. This creates a seamless, fluffy, "supermodel" brow that pairs beautifully lamination, clear gel, or brow soap (jam).

This is the type of brow look Brooke Shields and Jennifer Connoly were known for in their youth. It is perfect for those with any brow texture or density and those who prefer a low-maintenance, less-manicured look.


I have been perfecting this style since 2018 and am excited to offer it as a standalone service on my menu as a signature style. I truly believe in my vision for women's beauty trends and can't wait to make this look part of your life!

Hair removal services should be repeated every 4-8 weeks depending on each client's rate of growth and style preference.