My clientele is currently full and I am not accepting new clients.

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Updated: 10/5/2020


Thank you for considering Brows By Jane as your new (or revisited) destination for all things eyebrows! To ensure each potential client is a candidate for the services I provide, I require a virtual consult prior to scheduling an appointment. You are welcome to request an appointment through my online booking platform to hold the spot you'd like but appointment approval is not guaranteed. Deposits on file will be refunded when/if appropriate.


Please email the following information to with the subject "Consult":



Are you a former client?:

How did you hear about Brows By Jane?:

Are you currently in treatment for a thyroid condition?:

Have you been treated for cancer with chemotherapy?:

Are you currently using any type of Retinol or Retinoid products?:

Are you currently under the treatment of a dermatologist and/or using prescription skincare?:

Are your brows microbladed or tattooed?:

Are you currently using a growth serum on your eyebrows?:

Do you have a history of over-tweezing or threading?:


Tell me a bit about your current eyebrow situation and what services you are looking for at Brows By Jane:


If you are interested in Brow Rehab, tell me about your end goal:


Please attach labeled photos of:

  • Your current eyebrows with no makeup on

  • Your desired end goal brows (can be photos of models, social media influencers, celebrities, etc.)


Once I receive your information and photos, I will be in touch to discuss the next step in your brow journey.

Inactive Clients

Inactive clients are defined as those who have not received a service within 90 days and do not have any future appointments booked. Inactive clients will be removed from my online booking system after 90 days of inactivity, with their consent forms and appointment history saved on my hard drive. If my book is closed to new clients, an inactive client would need to wait until I am available to take on more clients to schedule an appointment. I recommend scheduling consistent and regular appointments for the best results from the services I provide.

Please be advised that my salon policies and practices are not a fit for all clients. I encourage all potential and revisiting clients to read the following material here to determine if I am the right stylist for them. I adhere to all policies as they are written.