Policies are subject to change as new information is provided by the CDC, the state of Massachusetts, and its governing bodies.

Since the mandatory statewide closure due to COVID-19, I want to assure you that I am taking the health and safety of my clients, myself, and my fellow Sola Salons stylists very seriously as I reopen the salon. There are many new safety precautions and sanitation measures that I am implementing. Below is an overview of what you can expect when you return to Brows By Jane for your appointment.


Due to the close proximity to clients while services are performed, please adhere to the following guidelines when choosing a face covering to wear to your appointment. If you arrive wearing something that does not protect others or me well, a suitable mask(s) will be provided for you at no charge.

At this time, cloth masks are not accepted as effective protection for clients to wear at Brows By Jane. In order to receive treatment within my salon, you must be wearing the following types of mask:

  • N95

  • KN95

  • Double-masked medical-grade surgical (3+ ply) 

  • Double-masked non-medical grade surgical (3+ ply) 

Please make sure that your mask covers both your mouth and nose with a snug fit. Air should not escape out of the top or sides and it should not slip down when you speak.


  • Upon arriving at Sola Salons, please wait in your car until I text you that I am ready to see you - this will be minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

  • If you do not hear from me by your scheduled appointment time it means a technical error has occurred. Please contact me to avoid an accidental no-show fee!

  • Do not bring anyone into the building with you: no children, no guests, no family members or friends. No exceptions.

  • Sola Salons will be locked at all times, so you will need to dial me on the call box at the right of the door in order to enter the building (type in "17" on the keypad, then hit the dial button - you will hear a faint click when the door unlocks). I will not be escorting clients in at the door, though you might see other stylists doing that. If you run into technical difficulty with the call box, contact me immediately and I will come to get you at the door.

  • PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW OTHER GUESTS INTO THE BUILDING WITH YOU OR AS YOU ENTER OR EXIT. Their stylist will come to get them or unlock the door for them when they are ready to receive them. 

  • You must enter the building with a mask on. If you have forgotten to bring a mask(s) with you, please let me know via text so I can meet you at the door with a disposable mask for a charge no charge.

  • I will be conducting temperature checks upon arrival. Using a no-touch infrared thermometer, I will greet each client outside of my salon suite (in the hallway) and check their temperature before they enter. Those with a temperature of 100.6F or higher will be denied service, charged the appropriate fee, and asked to reschedule. This is non-negotiable

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the front entrance as well as in my salon.



  • Per state law and board of health guidelines, I am required to wear a mask while in the salon with clients and to wash my hands before your appointment. Gloves will be worn to perform all services. 

  • Personal items of mine (like cell phones, keys, etc.) that I use throughout the day are put into a UV sterilizer as soon as I arrive to the salon. If these items are used or touched before, during, or after a service is performed, I will immediately wash my hands or sanitize the gloves I am wearing with 70%+ isopropyl alcohol. 

  • CLOTH MASKS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Clients are required to wear any of the following types of masks within my salon: N95, KN95, double-masked medical-grade surgical (3+ ply), or double-masked non-medical grade surgical mask (3+ ply). It must fit their face snugly and covers both mouth and nose upon entering the salon suite and for the duration of their appointment. If your mask does not fit properly during your service (does not stay over your nose, is too loose and slips off, etc.) I will ask you to wear a disposable mask{s} that I will provide for you at no charge.

  • The salon suite is treated 24/7 with two air sterilizers. To keep the salon's atmosphere as sterile as possible the door will remain closed.

  • I am following strict sanitation and disinfecting procedures all day long. These procedures include but are not limited to: frequent hand washing, disinfecting chairs, styling stations, and tools, disinfecting door handles and knobs, tech screens, and all high touch areas. Wax sticks, wax strips, doe-foot wands, and spoolies are one-time use only, per client.

  • Any and all clients that show signs of illness while in the Sola Salons building, inside my suite or while in my chair will be asked to leave immediately. This includes but is not limited to: coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, flu/cold/pneumonia/allergy symptoms. Please be understanding of this - I cannot be sure who is actually sick and who isn't - "allergies" will not be accepted as an excuse, please reschedule.

  • Refreshments will not be provided at this time (gum, mints, water). No food or drink may be brought into the salon, including coffee or water.

  • Hugging and handshaking and anything other than the required contact to provide your service should be avoided at this time.

  • Contactless Checkout: At this time, cash is not accepted or handled in the salon. Using my online booking platform, I will be synching my checkout screen to your cell phone. From there, you will see your charges, may add a gratuity, sign for your credit/debit card, and select your preferred receipt type. Following your transaction, you will be asked to complete a short survey, which asks if the salon was "Covid Ready" - your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Due to the nature of the service(s) I perform and the inability to socially distance (4-6 feet) while performing said service(s), wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory to receive a service (no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service). Please be mindful that the services I provide are elective personal services and clients who cannot wear a mask for medical or disability reasons will not be able to be accommodated at this time.

Most importantly, if you, someone you live with or have been in contact with has been diagnosed with or shows symptoms of COVID-19, you must cancel your appointment and wait 15-30 days before rescheduling, whether you show symptoms or not. If you are ill, even if it's a cold or allergies, you must reschedule. Please be mindful to cancel or reschedule more than 48 hours in advance as all late-cancelation fees do apply. In addition, if you have attended a party or gathering, have traveled to a state that is considered a "hot spot", or have been out of the country within the last 14 days, please reschedule your appointment as a courtesy to me and your fellow clients. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If the number or percentage of positive cases in the area where I work or live is unsafe, the salon will be closed temporarily at my discretion, whether or not the government enforces mandatory shut-downs.

To provide a safer salon environment for my clients, I have successfully completed the following certifications: 

  • Barbicide Certification (Sanitation and Disinfection)

  • Barbicide: COVID-19 Certification 


Thanks to clients who have visited the salon since reopening, Brows By Jane has been 5-star rated "Covid-19 Ready" ​through my online booking platform, Vagaro. I am so grateful for this feedback as I am always striving to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Thank you so very much for your kindness and support during this difficult time in history, and please be mindful that these guidelines won't be in place forever. I look forward to seeing you at Brows By Jane soon!