This service includes a brow exfoliation and conditioning treatment.

For information about an add-on Brow Keratin treatment, click: here.

Brow Tint is similar to the color we use to dye our hair except that it is formulated to be safe and legal for use around the eye area in the state of Rhode Island – using hair color on brows in salons is illegal, though many hairdressers will do it at the risk of losing their license. It is gentler than regular hair color and will not compromise the integrity of your brow hair, whereas regular hair color can cause damage to the brow due to high concentrations of ammonia and peroxide.
Brow Tint is applied directly to the brow using a makeup brush and leaves a temporary stain that lasts up to a full week. Brow Tint is not intended to last on the skin longer than 7 days (this is just a silver lining to the service) and will only temporarily darken the color of your natural brows. Because it is a semi-permanent color, it will need to be reapplied every month or so to remain fresh and dark.
I provide Aftercare Cards for tinting services to each client so they can use products that won’t fade their tint! Average wear for brow tint is about 4-6 weeks, though I have noticed blonde color does not last as long as darker browns and blacks, due to the fact that the color molecule is larger and it does not penetrate the hair shaft as deeply.
Brow Tint needs hair to adhere to, therefore making it a better option for clients with medium-to-full brows.
Brow Tinting is not an alternative to tattooing or Henna and will not last on areas without hair.
Color services are not available for first-time clients.