I use soft wax only in the salon. All skincare with active ingredients should be discontinued 10-14 days before your appointment. Failure to do so many result in tearing of or damage to the skin.

Brow Shaping

This service is appropriate for both regular design and brow rehab clients who do not require extra time in my chair. This appointment does not include an in-depth consultation. This service includes a brow conditioning treatment or brow jam application.


If you are a new client, please do not touch your brows for a minimum of 4 weeks before coming to your first appointment.

When we meet, I will introduce you to a technique I use called Brow Mapping. This is a method used by many of my favorite brow artists (Anastasia Soares refers to it as the Golden Ratio) and training companies. I will go in-depth during the consultation, but to put it simply: I find where the brow should start, arch and end by measuring specific points on the client's face. After finding these points, I use them to draw an outline over and around the existing brow, using it as a guide to determine what hair I will remove and what hair will be left behind. Clients who are looking to grow out their brows into a new shape will go through the same process, known as Brow Rehab.

Overtweezed, overwaxed or threaded? Brows too thin, two different shapes or full of holes? Let's get you into Rehab!

Brow Rehab clients are Brow Mapped at each appointment for consistency and receive a full Brow Shaping service at each appointment. I ask all of my Brow Rehab clients to leave their brows alone completely in order for me to work more effectively.

Brow Rehab can take 1-3 years to complete, depending on the severity and method of the client's follicle damage. It is usually a slow but steady process. 

The hair follicle is a small organ located in the dermal layer of the skin. It is responsible for creating and nourishing hair cells all over the body. When a follicle dies, it will no longer produce hormones or peptides needed to produce hair cells, resulting in permanent hair loss at that site. Some clients may experience permanent hair loss due to health conditions, medication, drug use, infection, side effects from medication as well as mechanical friction, such as tweezing, threading, or excess rubbing or pulling.


Follicle damage can potentially be repaired. After much research, I have found topical ingredients that are beneficial to aiding in healing hair follicles. My signature conditioning brow treatment is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. It contains powerful anti-inflammatories such as horsetail (plant) extract and CBD oil which allow nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft and root. The result is faster growing, stronger, shinier, healthier brows. You can purchase it online for use before your first appointment or in the salon.

Hair removal services should be repeated every 4-8 weeks depending on each client's rate of growth and style preference.