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Now available to add to any chemical service: Brow Keratin! This revolutionary formula restores keratin and amino acids (the building blocks of hair) that are lost due to mechanical damage and stress. This is a perfect treatment for those in Brow Rehab as it will help strengthen and restore structure and volume, increasing the diameter of each hair. The final result is softer, shinier, more resilient, and thicker eyebrows! 
What can you expect from a Brow Keratin treatment?
  • Silkier, less brittle, more flexible brow hair
  • Larger diameter of each individual hair resulting in thicker looking brows overall
  • Reconstructed protein chains after chemical services like Tinting and Lamination 
  • Promotion of new and better brow hair growth
Key ingredients include but are not limited to: keratin, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, sunflower oil, rosehip oil, and grape seed oil.
This treatment can only be performed after a chemical service when the hair cuticle is open and ready to receive the key ingredients. Tint and Lamination packages including Brow Keratin are available on my menu.
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