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Brow Extensions are individual fabricated fibers that are attached to individual natural eyebrow hairs, or adhered directly on the skin, using a high-performance cosmetic adhesive. This non-invasive, painless, eyebrow-enhancing method is the newest innovation in the beauty world for fuller, shapelier brows (Lavish Brows).


Brow Extensions are semi-permanent and can last 2-3 weeks on average, depending on the client’s lifestyle, hair and skin type. Extensions applied directly to the skin will last an average of 2-3 days. In order to maintain fullness, clients will need to schedule fill appointments approximately every 2 weeks. Due to its unsuccessful retention rate, I recommend this service for special occasions where a natural look is trying to be achieved. 


A wax and tint service can be performed before extensions are applied to enhance the shape and desired color of the brow before adding fullness.


Clients should avoid getting the Brow Extensions wet within 24 hours of having them applied. Brow Extensions should not be aggressively brushed or styled and should remain free from oil-based skin care and makeup products.



Minimal Enhancement / $50

This is an ideal service for a client who has just a few sparse areas and needs very few extensions to create a full brow.


Minor Enhancement Full Set / $150

This is an ideal service for a client who is looking to enhance fullness or cover sparse areas that take up less than half the brow.


Major Enhancement Full Set / $225

This is an ideal service for a client who is seeking a complete brow reconstruction using extensions.



Clients experiencing hormonal changes due to hypo/hyperthyroidism, birth control, medication, stress, or surgery may not be ideal candidates for eyebrow extensions, as adding weight to eyebrow hairs can cause premature shedding of the brow hair.


Clients with open cuts, wounds, infections or undiagnosed lumps in the brow area cannot be serviced. Clients who are allergic to cyanoacrylate (surgical glue, nail glue) or experience hypersensitivity to formaldehyde cannot receive this service.


If you are interested in exploring the idea of Brow Extensions, please contact me directly.

This service is not bookable online or without consultation.

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