This service includes a brow conditioning treatment.

Brow Bleach is specifically formulated for delicate facial hair. It takes less than 20-minutes to lighten a brow from almost black to platinum blonde.


This service is ideal for those who have lightened their hair and feel like their dark brows don’t match - or are looking to add a fun fantasy color - or are just looking for a change!


Brow Bleaching is permanent for the life of the brow (an average of 4 months). Depending on hair texture and lifestyle, the color used to tone the bleached hair will last an average of 4 weeks. Multiple toning sessions might need to be scheduled throughout the life of the bleached brow. Bleached eyebrows can always be colored back to their original and natural shade.


Clients who are sensitive or allergic to bleach, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide will not be able to receive this service. Those with hormonal imbalances that cause hair thinning, hair loss, or brittleness are strongly advised against this service.