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This service includes an Olaplex shampoo cleanse and leave-in conditioning treatment.

Brow Bleach is similar to the lightener we use to lift our hair except that it is formulated to be safe for use around the eye area, specifically formulated for delicate facial hair. It takes less than 20-minutes to lighten a brow from almost black to platinum blonde (results vary). This service is ideal for those who have lightened their hair and feel like their dark brows don’t match, are looking to add a fun fantasy color, or are just looking for a change! This process works best on "virgin" (non-color treated or chemically altered) brows.

How does it work?

An eye-safe bleach formula similar to hair lightener is mixed with peroxide and applied to the brow using a spoolie and processed until the desired amount of lift is achieved. Brow Bleaching lifts artificial and natural pigment molecules out of the hair permanently until the hair sheds and regrows or is recolored with dye. The average shed cycle of an eyebrow is four months. I do not recommend this service for those with permanent makeup.

How do I take care of my new brows?

Freshly bleached brows should be kept dry and not washed for 24 hours post-treatment. Overwashing with strong cleansers, the use of makeup removers, and makeup wipes should be avoided. Bleached brows should be conditioned nightly with brow oil, hair masks, or leave-in treatments designed for compromised hair.
How often should I re-bleach?
Brow Bleaching is permanent for the life of the brow (an average of 4 months). Bleached eyebrows can always be colored back to their original and natural shade. The bleached eyebrow needs to shed and regrow completely before it can be redone safely - touchups are not offered. I recommend Brow Bleach services be repeated every 14-16 weeks depending on each client's rate of growth and after-care practices
Who can't get bleached?

Clients who are sensitive or allergic to bleach, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or those using retinoids, retinols, isotretinoin, or any form of prescription acne medication will not be able to receive this service. If your brows have been treated with henna (mendhi) or laminated, please wait 16 weeks (4 months) from the application date before receiving a bleach service from me. Please wait 30 days after receiving a chemical peel, dermaplaning treatment, microdermabrasion, microblading (any form of eyebrow tattoo), or microneedling to seek out this service.


Those experiencing hormonal changes or hair loss due to pregnancy, birth control, stress, or surgery may not be ideal candidates for bleaching, as the chemicals used may cause brittleness or premature shedding of the brow hair. Those with hormonal imbalances that cause hair thinning, hair loss, or brittleness are strongly advised against this service. I recommend that Brow Rehab clients wait until I approve them as candidates before booking this service. Those with recently open cuts, wounds, infections, undiagnosed lumps, or sunburn in the brow area cannot be serviced.

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